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    3. Working with Active Calls

    Understand how to efficiently manage active calls.

    The Home page has an Active Calls section that shows graphical and statistical information about current calls. This information updates automatically as active calls change.

    Active Calls Page

    Call Graphs

    The left side of the Home page shows call graphs. These graphs display calls by hour and day, allowing you to see trends in system usage. For more information about call details, see "Viewing Call History".

    Statistics Panel

    The right side of the Active Calls page has a Statistics panel that shows the status and activity of the system, as described in the following table. The  button at the top-right side of the panel allows you to update the statistics shown.

    Active Calls Number of calls that are currently active.
    Extensions Number of extensions on the system.
    Registered Devices Number of phones that are currently operational.
    Total Devices Total number of devices configured on your system.
    IVRs Total number of IVRs in the system.
    Queues Total number of queues in the system.
    Conferences Total number of conferences in the system.
    Phone Numbers Number of phone numbers assigned to your system.
    Calls Today Number of calls dialed and received today.
    Total Minutes Today Total amount of talk time.
    Avg. Talk Time Average talk time per call.

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