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    This guide will provide administrators with comprehensive information on how to utilise and manage a Cloud PBX system.



    Document Conventions

    Glossary Conventions

    1. Accessing the Admin Web Portal

    Logging in to the Web Portal

    Understanding the Admin Portal Interface

    2. Quick Guide to Common Tasks

    Resetting a PIN

    Replacing Employees

    Moving a Phone

    Changing Open Hours

    Setting New Holidays

    Setting Call Forwarding

    Blocking a Caller

    3. Working with Active Calls

    Call Graphs

    Statistics Panel

    4. Working with Extensions

    Displaying the Extensions Page

    Adding Extensions

    Editing Extensions

    Configuring the Extension Profile

    Configuring Extension Answering Rules

    Allowing or Blocking Calls

    Adding Answering Rules

    Changing the Active Answering Rule

    Editing Answering Rules

    Deleting Answering Rules

    Configuring Extension Voicemail

    Configuring Phones

    Associating Phones with This Extension

    Editing Phones

    Deleting Phones

    Importing Extensions

    Deleting Extensions

    5. Working with Conferences

    Displaying the Conferences Page

    Adding Conferences

    Editing Conferences

    Deleting Conferences

    Joining a Conference

    Viewing Conference Statistics

    6. Working with IVRs

    Displaying the IVRs Page

    Adding IVRs

    Recording Intro Greetings and Menu Prompts

    Editing IVRs

    Deleting IVRs

    IVR Best Practices

    7. Working with Queues

    Displaying the Queues Page

    Adding Queues

    Editing Queues

    Deleting Queues

    Adding Music on Hold to a Queue

    Working with Agents

    8. Working with Time Frames

    Displaying the Time Frames Page

    Working with Time Frames

    Adding Time Frames

    Editing Time Frames

    Deleting Time Frames

    Viewing Begin and End Dates

    9. Working with Music on Hold

    Displaying the Music on Hold Page

    Adding Music on Hold Files

    Changing the Order of Music on Hold Files

    Editing Music on Hold Files

    Deleting Music on Hold Files

    Adjusting Music on Hold Settings

    10. Working with Inventory

    Displaying the Inventory Page

    Managing Phone Numbers

    Filtering Phone Numbers

    Editing Phone Numbers

    Exporting Phone Numbers

    Managing Phone Hardware

    Filtering Phone Hardware

    Adding Phones

    Editing Phones

    Exporting Phone Hardware Information

    11. Viewing Call History

    Displaying the Call History Page

    Filtering Call History

    Exporting Call History

    12. Taking a Phone Home

    Installing a Phone at Home

    Troubleshooting a Remote Phone

    Appendix A. Glossary


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