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    Adding a New DID to the VoIPOffice

    Learn how to easily add a new direct inward dialling number to your VoIPOffice.

    You will need to know the following:

    Your voiptalk.org login

    Your VoIPOffice login

    Before the number can be added to your VoIPOffice, it must be routed.

    Log into your voiptalk.org account and select the new DID. If you have more than one trunk (or 844 number), please make a note of the trunk the new number is assigned to. From the 'Select A configuration option' drop down menu, select 'Route To VoIPOffice.' then click 'select Option.'

    Click the 'Route to VoIPOffice button'. The page should refresh and the 'Current Status' will have changed, displaying the number's new routing.


    Log out of the voiptalk.org account and log into your VoIPOffice.

    Go to DIDs > Add DID


    Fill in the details as follows:

    Trunk: From the drop down menu, select the 844 number the Number is assigned to.

    DID/Channel: the new phone number (in full)

    Destination: From he drop down menu, select where you would like calls to this number to be sent to, ie an Extension, Queue, etc. If you are sending calls to a Ring Group, select 'Extension'

    Value: This will be the number of the destination extension. Extension >1001, Queue > 3001 etc

    If you do not know where you want to send calls, or the destination has not been created yet, Select 'Deny Access' from the menu. The DID will not accept calls until a destination has been set.

    Click Save to complete.



    Destination options:

    Extension - send a call to local extension

    Multi User - send a call to extension to which another system/location is registered

    External Number - send a call to an external number

    IVR - send a call to IVR

    Queues - send a call to Queue

    Voicemail - send a call to Voicemail

    Remote Access - caller will type in his extension number and PIN number (both confirmed with '#') and dial any local, mobile, or proper number, login as an agent or check his Voicemail, depending on the Destination selection. Available values:

    Destinations - dial local, mobile or proper numbers

    Voicemail - check Voicemail

    Agent Login - dynamic callback login, enter your agent number, PIN code, and number to which the system will call you back

    Conferences - send call to Conference

    Trunk - send call to Trunk

    Fax to Email - if this option is selected this DID is reserved for incoming faxes which will be sent to given e-mail

    Deny Access - play busy sound to caller


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