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    Orbtalk have UK access numbers so you can use your PAYG account from a mobile or landline!

    Find out how to use your PAYG account from a mobile or landline, using Orbtalk's UK access numbers.

    Use your Orbtalk credit from ANY UK phone, mobile, payphone or landline and take advantage of our low call rates!

    STEP 1

    Deposit credit on your PAYG account.

     STEP 2

    Simply dial one of the access numbers below and follow the voice prompts:

    0207 100 0435 *

    0800 047 0435 **

    STEP 3

    Follow the voice prompt and enter your Orbtalk account number FOLLOWED BY THE # KEY.

    STEP 4

    Then, enter your Orbtalk password FOLLOWED BY THE # KEY

    e.g. If your password contains either A, B or C, press 2 and D, E or F, press 3 and so on.

    For example:

    password: adeghr

    press: 233447

    STEP 5

    Once you hear a dial tone, enter the number you wish to dial FOLLOWED BY THE # KEY.

    * Many mobile contracts have inclusive bundled minutes, so the call to your Orbtalk access number may be FREE!

    ** Please note that calls to the 0800 numbers are free dependent upon the service provider that you call from. Calls to the 0800 access number attracts an additional 2 pence per minute charge, this is charged to your Orbtalk account.

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