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    Bria Solo Setup for VoIPOffice

    Learn how to get the most out of Bria Solo with VoIPOffice's cloud telephony platform.

    1. Navigate to https://solo.softphone.com/dashboard in order to configure account.
      If you don't have an account, create one.

    2.  On the top bar select 'Voice' tab.

    3. Select 'Add Voice Configuration'

    4.  Select 'Configure SIP Settings'

    5. Enter the following details:
      SERVICE LABEL: your VoIPOffice extension number
      DOMAIN: your VoIPOffice IP address
      SIP USERNAME/CALL EXTENSION: VoIPOffice extension number
      AUTHORIZATION USERNAME: VoIPOffice extension number
      SIP/VOICE PASSWORD: VoIPOffice extension secret
      CALL DISPLAY: VoIPOffice extension
      (N.B.: For this example 1000 is being used as the VoIPOffice extension number)

      Then select 'Save And Close'

    6.  Your VoIPOffice extension is now registered.

      You can now sign into the client to made and receive calls.


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