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    Linksys 3000 VoIP Adaptor Setup

    Learn how to configure a Linksys 3000 VoIP adaptor.

    1. Connect network cable, power supply and analogue handset.

    2. After the unit has finished powering up, pick up the handset and dial **** to access the Linksys voice menu. At the voice prompt, dial 110# and you should hear the IP Address of the unit. Go to a web browser and type in the IP Address like so: http://IP_ADDRESS/admin/advanced. The administration screen of the Linksys should be displayed.

    3. Click on the Line 1 tab and configure your account details exactly as displayed in the image below.
      Set Proxy to: voiptalk.org
      Set Outbound Proxy to: nat.voiptalk.org:5065
      Set Use Outbound Proxy to yes
      Set Register to yes
    4. On the same page, set up your Subscriber Information as displayed in the example below.
      Set Display Name to your VoIPtalk ID
      Set User ID to your VoIPtalk ID
      Set Password to your VoIPtalk Password
    5. If you need to enable * keys, change the Dial Plan section as displayed below.

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