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    11. Viewing Call History

    Learn how to check and view call history.

    Call history allows you to review, filter and export call logs for greater analysis.

    Displaying the Call History Page

    All call history tasks are performed from the Call History page. To display this page, click the Call History icon on the menu bar.

    The  button at the top-right side of the page refreshes the information on the page.

    Filtering Call History

    Using the Filter button, you can filter your call history and view only the events of interest to you.

    1. From the Call History page, click the Filters button. The Call History Filters pop-up window appears.
    2. Complete the fields (see Table 11-1).
    3. Click Set Filters. The Call History page shows only the events that match your criteria. If no events match your criteria, a message informs you that there are no matches to your filter.

    Table 11-1. Call History Filter Settings

    Setting Description
    Date Range Select the From and To dates for the events you want to view. The maximum range is 31 days.
    User Enter the name or extension you want to view.
    Caller Number Enter the caller number you want to view.
    Dialled Number Enter the dialled number you want to view.
    Call Type

    Enter the type of call you want view. Choices are:

    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Missed

    Exporting Call History

    You can export the call history in CSV format and then open the information in Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.

    1. From the Call History page, click the Export button.
    2. When prompted, click Save.

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