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    Welcome to the Cloud PBX Administrator's Guide. Your Cloud PBX system includes a comprehensive set of administrator tools for configuring and managing the system. This guide describes how to use these features to optimise your Cloud PBX experience.

    Document Conventions

    This guide uses the following conventions to draw your attention to certain information.

    Note Notes emphasise or supplement important points of the main text.
    Bold Indicates text on a window, other than the window title, including menus, menu options, buttons, fields and labels.
    Italic Indicates a variable, which is a placeholder for actual text provided by the user or system. Angled brackets (< >) are also used to indicate variables.
    Indicates text that is displayed on screen or entered by the user.

    Glossary Conventions

    The first time a technical term is used in this guide, it appears as a hyperlink. Clicking the link in the electronic version of this document takes you to the Glossary where the term is defined. Clicking the term in the Glossary returns you to the first instance of the term.

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