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    Snapmobile login credentials for both iOS and Android

    Understand how to access your Snapmobile account on both iOS and Android devices.


    Host = Orbtalk 

    Login = (e.g 1000@ORB1234567890.cloud.orbtalk.com)

    Password = Extension PIN (Not voicemail PIN)

    • Login to your Cloud PBX.
    • Click 'Manage Organisation'
    • Click 'Extensions'
    • In the search box search for the relevant extension and click on the name
    • Click on the 'Phones' tab
    • 'Add phone' if this has not been done already
    • When done click on the phone name you wish to register
    • In the box that comes up set model to 'Manual or Softphone'
    • You will then be able to see your domain details.
    • Click 'Save' to save your changes
    • Open the App
    • In the Host field enter 'Orbtalk'
    • In the Username field enter your extension@yourPBXdomain e.g. '1000@400001ORB.cloud.orbtalk.com'
    • In the password field enter your extension's PIN
    • If you don't know your extension's PIN you can set a new one by going to the Profile tab of your extension, scrolling down to the Change PIN section and entering a new PIN in the 'New PIN' and 'Confirm New PIN' fields and hitting 'Save'.

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